Anna Coogan and Daniele Fiaschi Release The Nowhere, Rome Sessions

It is often said that music is a universal language that transcends culture, borders, and boundaries. For Anna Coogan and Daniele Fiaschi, who don’t share a language, much less a culture or even a time zone, music is the only language. She is a New Englander, from the East Coast of the USA, a former opera singer and biologist turned touring songwriter. He is a Roman whose Etruscan roots go as far back as anyone can remember, raised  on classic rock and touring with some of Italy’s biggest pop acts. Introduced by producer JD Foster in 2010, they embarked on a journey that spanned two continents, numerous snowstorms, and stages of every size, often held together by little more than an Italian-English dictionary and a mutual love of The Beatles. “The frustrating and often hilarious communication problems we have are part of our story.” Coogan explains. “We really have to work by feel, nuance, and mood, because words aren’t going to cut it.” One Dutch venue described it as one of the best shows in their history, and another described them as “a match made in heaven.” Audiences adored the passionate sound and immediately began clamouring for a record that mirrored the live show – no production, no distractions, just the two of them.

Convening with thousands of other pilgrims during Holy Week, Coogan and Fiaschi recorded The Nowhere, Rome Sessions at Nowhere Studios in Rome on April 6 and 7 2012, and mixed it the next day. The result is a gorgeous snapshot of that weekend: sunshine, cigarette smoke, red wine, espresso, laughter – and the sheer joy they experience playing together.

Nowhere was recorded with minimal overdubs and even fewer edits, often recording each song seven times in a quest for the perfect take. A collection of their six most popular songs and three previously unreleased songs, the record aches with emotion and the raw energy the two have become known for.  Also included is a live track from their much heralded performance at the 2011 Roepaen Festival in Ottersum, Holland.

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