Folking Social Media Feeds

Welcome to the folking Social Media Channel 

Folking Social Media FeedsWith so much going on across our social media channels, we thought it might be a useful to have a place dedicated to all the latest feeds so you have them all in one place.

Unfortunately, the Facebook group feed is a little basic at the moment and to improve it we would need to fork out some more folking dosh in order to make it better (for example – so it can show the videos that other members post). Also due to some of our members Facebook privacy settings, some posts will not show up at all here as they have not been set to ‘public’ by the user. In fact, it looks at bit naff, so we have decided at this point just link to the folking Facebook group from this page for the moment.

In time, we might consider paying out some more money to improve the Facebook group feed if we get a donation or two or a few quid thrown in the ‘tip jar’ below.

Click this link to view or join the group.