Our very own singer songwriter Paul Johnson gets some ‘Emergency Lullabies’ when he talks to the band Merry Hell about the release of their fantastic new album from his Mystic Marsh recording studios on the wild Kent coast…..

What a great time for Merry Hell to release their new album ‘Emergency Lullabies’- the bands 6th album with 15 tracks of spirited joy and hopefulness – 15 tracks of Merry Hell bliss.

As we have had to suffer another 4 week lock down in England and the weather changes from late Autumn sunshine to cold, dark, damp days with winter looming, what is the one thing we all needed to brighten up our days and nights?

A shinny happy hopeful and spirited new album from the purveyors and masters and of joyful, hopeful, happiness and brilliant uplifting song writing prowess! …Merry Hell!

The band started writing this album in the idyllic setting of French Jura mountain’s at a friend’s house… then lock down one struck – making the whole recording process somewhat tricky.

But never fear… Merry Hell being…… well.. Merry Hell … they found ways through it all. Recording remotely with highly skilled producer John Kettle at production central. Bringing this whole album together beautifully and ironically released this album and the beginning of lock down two.

I was lucky enough to risk a multiple internet chat with Andrew, Virginia, Bob, Nick, Neil, and John with tricky internet connections.

We hope you enjoy the interview some of the audio may be a little quiet but that’s the joys of multi audio internet chat in this day and age.

Enjoy… Paul Johnson

The interview is in three parts. Click on the play button below to listen to each part.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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