The Lockdown Stream 6 – Our Pick for This Week

The Lockdown Stream 6

Welcome to The Lockdown Stream 6.

We have picked some more of our favourites ‘watch again’ gigs from the last week which we have been sharing daily across both the folking official Facebook group and main folking Facebook page. As most of you know, the current situation with the lockdown is hitting musicians hard so please, if you can, show your appreciation for the performances by either dropping a couple of quid into their ‘tip jars’ (where provided) or by going to their website and buying some of their music.

Please note… Some artists or venues take their live streams down after a week or so. We will continue to monitor the status of the streams and remove any artists or venue where we find that the videos no longer work.

Music to make stuff too with Hannah Moule from the Moulettes as part of last weeks Moule Monday that is usually run on Twitch TV.

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Virtually Green Note #8 – Rebecca Loebe + Luke Jackson + Letitia VanSant

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Artist’s website – Click Here.

Steve Tilston playing for over one hour and twenty minutes live from his kitchen. All tips/contributions will be shared equally with the Trussell Trust

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Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 1 SESSION 1 – Featuring Jon Doran, Ellie Gowers, Dan Walsh and Harri Endersby.

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Jon Doran website – Click Here.

Ellie Gowers website – Click Here.

Dan Walsh website – Click Here.

Harri Endersby website – Click Here.

Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 1 SESSION 2 – Featuring David Delarre, Katherine Priddy, Lukas Drinkwater and Josie Duncan.

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Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 1 FINAL SESSION – Featuring CALAN-ish, Paul McKenna, Blair Dunlop and Honey & the Bear.

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Calan website – Click Here.

Paul McKenna website – Click Here.

Blair Dunlop website – Click Here.

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Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 2 SESSION 1 – Featuring Jamie Francis, Minnie Birch, Josh Wunderlich and Edwina Hayes.

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Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 2 SESSION 2 – Featuring Toby Shaer, Jenn Butterworth, Maz O’Connor, Graham Mackenzie and Katie Macfarlane & Pablo Lafuente.

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Toby Shaer website – Click Here.

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Maz O’Connor website – Click Here.

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Katie Macfarlane website – Click Here.

Pablo Lafuente website – Click Here.

Ciaran Algar & THE CCC FESTIVAL HUB – DAY 2 FINAL SESSION – Featuring Luke Jackson, Edgelarks, Findlay Napier and The Jellyman’s Daughter.

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Since the festival, a lot of people have been asking Ciaran Algar about an album to come out of his daily collaborations. So… here is your opportunity to help make it happen. Ciaran has now launching his Kickstarter campaign and plans to have an album made within 2 months.

Every musician appearing on the album will be paid Musician’s Union rates for their time, and every penny raised over the goal will go towards providing funds for as many musicians and people involved with the Folk scene as possible.

Every penny counts, and all donations are hugely appreciated, however small.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Lockdown Stream 6 selection. This will be the last one of the current series.

We all give our spare time to run Our aim has always been to keep folking a free service for our visitors, artists, PR agencies and tour promoters. If you wish help out and donate something (running costs currently funded by Paul Miles), please click the PayPal link below to send us a small one off payment or a monthly contribution.