Video Wall 22

Things seem to be picking up again – let’s hope it lasts – so there’s a wide selection of videos for us to choose from.

We’ll start with SKINNY LISTER and a track from their latest album. This is ‘Bonny’s Eyes’.

SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW is the nom de plume of Kent-based singer Toby Uffindell-Phillips. His debut album Thin Air will be released next month and from it comes this track, ‘Clear’.

To accompany the opening track of his fine new album, KEITH JAMES releases the video, ‘Something I Thought I Understood’.

‘Thumbs Up’  is the new single by THE HOWL & THE HUM telling the story of a young man’s life in the south Wales coal-fields.

A little Colorado country from JAMMY MAN and the single ‘Come Around Tomorrow’ from their album Is There A Movie On This Flight?. Great title.

Can you mix country and soul? NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS with their guest WILLIAM BELL show how it’s done with ‘Never Want To Be Kissed’.

MOLOSSER is a new name to us (other than being a breed of dog). The musical kind are Swedish and ‘Dive In’ is their latest single.

Some gorgeous low-key acoustic blues from CHARLIE PARR with ‘Blues For Whitefish Lake, 1975’ from his new album Last Of The Better Days Ahead.

MERRY HELL are playing The Half Moon in Putney this weekend and that provides an excuse to play their late 2021 single, ‘When We Meet Again’.