IAIN MORRISON – To The Horizon, Sir (Peatfire Records peatfire005)

Iain Morrison To the Horizon SirNot since the first time I heard the distinctive vocal of October Project’s Mary Fahl singing “Return To Me” have I come across a vocalist with such unique character. That’s not to say Iain Morrison sounds like a girl it’s just meant as a pointer to how such a distinctive sounding voice can lodge itself in your memory…for all the right reasons. This is a tremendously enigmatic recording performed by an artist who, although bleak in outlook creates pictures that are as stunning as his birth place on the Isle of Lewis. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never visited the Isle of Lewis but in my own personal opinion I consider Morrison conveys bringing his feelings to the surface having been at one with nature and soaked up the culture of an island rich in mysticism and allowing the space for individual thought. When you’re sitting in a flat in Croydon looking at all the activity surrounding you escapism is a word I look forward to (particularly at 3:29am) and trust me when I say that Iain’s writing will put you in a different place altogether with sparse but well mapped arrangements featuring guest musicians Michael Chorney (guitar), Robinson Morse (double bass), Geza Carr (drums) and cellist Pete Harvey. If you’re looking for something different although by no means outlandish you’ll find it here. A subjectively stunning masterpiece!

Pete Fyfe

Artist’s website: www.iainmorrisonmusic.com

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