The Pentangle & PENTANGLE – Sweet Child

A joint outing for two CD re-issues by Pentangle. For some reason, I never fully understood the adulation lorded on the group, as I was far more into the dynamic sounds of Fairport and Steeleye. Sitting listening to these albums now I see how much I’ve missed out.

1968 must have been quite a magical period musically speaking (although I can barely remember it). Pentangle launched themselves on an unsuspecting public via London’s Horseshoe pub onto the stage of the Royal Festival Hall in one seamless bound. Not surprising really when you consider the pedigree of the band. Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson and Terry Cox were indeed a winning combination.

Innovation only touches on their genius arriving at the crossroads of folk, jazz and blues way before everyone else. ‘Bruton Town’, ‘The Trees They Do Grow High’, and the wistful ‘Watch The Stars’ are just a sample of these box of delights.

Pete Fyfe
Original Posting date: 12-Jun-2001

This CD now looks to be out of print so we have featured the excellent Pentangle The Albums: 1968-1972 in the folking store below to accompany this archive review.