PIG EARTH – 14’x12’

I don’t know what the neighbours must have thought but from the photo on the insert of Pig Earth’s five track EP I’m sure they couldn’t have been too happy with all of the band recording in the living room! Still I suppose (at least to the band) it must have been a bit of a wheeze and judging from the tracks featured here they all had a good time. From an organic point of view this must have all been pretty positive as the recording displays their music for what it is…an energised, good-time cross of country-folk without any frills. For those old enough to remember them this band brings back fond memories of the Big Geraniums and Lick the Tins who had the same attitudes when it came to the time-honoured tradition of “…if it sounds right – then it is”. Between them Pig Earth unleash a barrage of instruments including guitars, piano, melodeon, mandolin, banjo and percussion with vocals provided by Neil Keveren and Emma Steele and I’m sure will wind up being the darlings of the Radcliffe & Maconie generation.


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