Food Roof Family – brand new video form the Levellers

Food Roof FamilyFood Roof Family is the brand-new video form the Levellers, which is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming new studio album Peace (released on the 14th August via On the Fiddle Recordings).

Food Roof Family confronts the misleading and deceptive tactics used by the media to marginalise the vulnerable. The track blazes with anger and urgency and its lyrical concerns are unvarnished and unambiguous.

“Everybody needs those three things, it doesn’t matter where you’re from,” says singer / guitarist Mark Chadwick. “It’s something that we all crave. Why does anybody want more roof than anybody else, or more food than anybody else, or want to kill anybody else’s family. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Food Roof Family sets the scene for an album where the Levellers are fearless in tackling the big subjects, with an insight and invective that could make Peace the most relevant album of 2020.

Its 11 electrifying songs are a charged reaction to a world that seemed to be teetering on the edge of madness and self-destruction pre lockdown. A vision where the environment was buckling under the weight of humanity’s disregard for it. Right-wing demagogues spreading hatred and fear across supposedly civilised nations and society and culture trapped in a death spiral played out across social media.

“The album is about the state of the world and our state of mind,” says bassist Jeremy Cunningham. “It’s the most anxious-sounding record we’ve done in a long time. It’s the way the world is. We’re just reflecting it. It’s an album of now.”

Peace arrives almost eight years since the Brighton band’s last album of original material in 2012 which was called Static On The Airwaves (featured here). The band – completed by Simon Friend (guitar/vocals), Jon Sevink (fiddle), Charlie Heather (drums) and Matt Savage (keyboards) – have been far from idle. During that time, they’ve toured the world multiple times and released 2018’s acclaimed We The Collective, which featured acoustic versions of several classic Levellers songs and was their highest charting album in more than two decades.

Levellers – Food Roof Family

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