The Lockdown Stream 5 – Our Pick for This Week

The Lockdown Stream 5

Welcome to The Lockdown Stream 5.

We have picked some more of our favourites ‘watch again’ gigs from the last week which we have been sharing daily across both the folking official Facebook group and main folking Facebook page. As most of you know, the current situation with the lockdown is hitting musicians hard so please, if you can, show your appreciation for the performances by either dropping a couple of quid into their ‘tip jars’ (where provided) or by going to their website and buying some of their music.

Please note… Some artists or venues take their live streams down after a week or so. We will continue to monitor the status of the streams and remove any artists or venue where we find that the videos no longer work.

Another great live stream set by Pat McManus. If you like blues, rock and Irish folk played on electric, acoustic guitar and fiddle you are going to love this..

Support Pat by purchasing his music here.

The brilliant Nick Burbridge with a 40 minute online streaming set of the ‘Songs From The Enemy Within’ that starts with ‘Dirty Davey’.

Support Nick by purchasing his music here.

Can’t believe we missed this first time around. The great Andy White with his son Sebi on the drums at their place a couple of weeks back.

Support Andy by purchasing his music here.

Here is Mark Chadwick from The Levellers playing a home gig in aid of #saveourvenues

If you would like to donate to #saveourvenues then you can do so here.

Some much needed distraction and togetherness. Join Martha Tilston for her May Day Living Room Gig – 50% of all money raised will go to charity

To contribute/donate please go to:

Miranda Sykes – Facebook Live Concert No 3. Miranda will be splitting donations 50:50 with NHS Charities

Tip Jar – Tip

Artist’s website – Click Here.

Here is one of our favourite Canadian Folk & Americana Artists Annabelle Chvostek playing her heart out as part of ‘Canada Performs’ for over an hour.

Artist’s website – Click Here.

Everyone needs some Honey & The Bear in their lives so join them in their 8th consecutive Sunday gig from the Bear Cave.

Tip Jar – Tip

Artist’s website – Click Here.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Lockdown Stream 5 selection. See you in a week or so for the next instalment.