It has been a while since we posted a video wall but some goodies have been arriving recently. A few are related to upcoming releases and some are just for fun.

We begin with Serious Sam Barrett and an unofficial taster for his new album Where The White Roses Grow which will be reviewed here very soon. This is a live take on the title track.

From another album that will be reviewed soon, this is Mandolin Orange and ‘The Wolves’ from the album Tides Of A Teardrop.

Skinny Lister’s new album The Story Is… will be released on March 1st. This is the official video of the title track.

We have already reviewed Anne Marie Almedal’s album Lightshadow. Here’s her version of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’.

We will always review an album from the mighty Breabach.  Here’s the single, ‘Birds Of Passage’, from their most recent album Frenzy Of The Meeting.

We missed this one when it was released last year but it’s a song that deserves a hearing. Tommy Ashby sings ‘Bowlegged’.

Seeing that Richard Thompson is our top solo artist of 2018 – Charlie Foskett thought he’d post you this Thompson penned piece of sadness from his forthcoming debut folk album collection Bugles And – It’s almost completed and hosts many high profile guests whose magical, musical input you are just going to love – including Peter Knight and Rick Kemp (ex Steeleye) – Aidan Burke (cousin of Kevin Burke – Bothy Band and Ireland’s number celtic fiddler for the last 22 yrs – Julie Felix (duet) – Simon Care (Albion Band ) – Chris Spedding – Wizz Jones – Mike Wilson and Damian Barber (Demon Barbers) – Judie Tzuke and more !

The official album launch will be early summer 2019 along with a big, big promo campaign and tour to follow with his newly formed band The Pitmatics! –

Charlie says:

I originally recorded and produced the first version of ‘Nothing at the End of the Rainbow’ in 1986 with Elvis Costello – I was working with Elvis and Loudon Wainright III on other material at the time for EMI Records – I remember receiving a cracker review saying that I had produced “A Song to Slit one’s Wrists to” ! that was the headline – nothing’s changed there then! This, my own version also features Peter Knight on fiddle!

Mostly for fun now. Here are our old mates Merry Hell and ‘My Finest Hour’ from their album Anthems To The Wind. A wonderful euphemism.



Introducing Foskett’s Folk Factory

Foskett's Folk Factory

Foskett’s Folk Factory is a music and video production company – dedicated to providing creative services and a platform to promote acoustic, folk and roots based music.

Charles Foskett is an immensely talented, very active and inspirational veteran record producer. He is an intuitive musical director, arranger and composer who will always succeed in lifting the creative game plan of the artist he is developing and helps to broaden the scope of the client’s marketplace. Charles’ wealth of experience comes from having worked in many areas of the music industry – As a “hands-on” record producer he has worked with a host of different artists throughout his career including two Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

Charles was responsible for putting together The Anti Heroin Project, a Band Aid for the anti drug campaign, which not only resulted in a double album entitled It’s a Live in World but also the offer of a top position at the home office in London, working as David Mellor’s right hand man. Charles declined the offer with preferences to pop music over politics! The album, which featured a huge number of famous names from the world of rock and pop, consisted of thirty tracks, twelve of which Charles wrote and co-wrote and fifteen of which he produced. The album was released by EMI and Charles was responsible not only for the original idea, the writing and production, but also for bringing together hundreds of big names for a worthy cause. Charles Foskett is a full Member of “The Music Producers Guild” (MPG) and a member of “The Music Managers Forum” (MMF).

Charles is a mine of creative talent. He is an artist, working mainly in oil paint, and one of his works was recently accepted for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. He is also in the process of writing an autobiography entitled Ashtray On a Motorbike. The stories promise to be hilariously funny accounts of life attempting to climb the ladder of success, anecdotal tales of his escapades over the years with many famous people from not only the world of pop music but also film.

When I was a young boy of 4 years of age I remember my grandfather’s one stringed fiddle hanging on the wall at one side of the old cast iron Victorian fire place – at the other side hung his bagpipes. With a deep baritone voice he used to bellow out Scottish and Geordie folk songs, he scared the living daylights out of any cat wandering down our backyard walls.

I have been away a long time from these musical borders – in the middle of the 1960’s I originally drifted into the Northumbrian folk scene – I learned the basics on a guitar, took up bass, eventually travelled the world as a rock musician, played on lots of records, and became a music producer with an office in EMI records.

With this endless music life obsession, this coming back to folk music, coming back to the fold, it definitely feels like a homecoming for me.

For more information, including the story behind the picture, go to:

Charles’ website:
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