A new release from the AndersonPonty Band

A new release from the AndersonPonty BandBetter Late Than Never is the new studio album that brings together French virtuoso violinist and jazz composer Jean Luc Ponty and the YES front-man Jon Anderson.

The album was taken from a live performance and then given the production treatment (most likely to cut out all the whooping and hollering). However, don’t fear, those of you that love all of that business will find the package comes with a bonus DVD from the September 2014, Wheeler Opera House concert in Aspen Colorado.

The material features re-workings of classics like Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Roundabout and Wonderous Stories as well as some of Jean Luc Ponty’s own compositions such as Infinite Mirage.

Jon Anderson had the follow to say about the project – “A breakthrough feeling came as I sang with Jean Luc’s music, to be in a band again is very exciting on many levels, we will play and sing our way around the world and have fun, for music is pleasure, music is all that is”.

The band includes; Jamie Glaser on guitars, Wally Minko on keyboards, Baron Browne on bass and Rayford Griffin on drums and percussion.

You can get a flavour of the album by watching and listing to the reworking of Owner Of A Lonely Heart in the video below.

Darren Beech