It’s nice to be uplifted every now and then and anyone that has witnessed the recently televised 2012 Olympics should appreciate this recording opening as it does with the question and answer riddle song “False Knight On The Road”. The multi-layered accompaniment featuring first a chunky (though not clunky) sparring rhythm guitar, fiddle and vocal joined by harp, bass, accordion and finally layered vocals it’s obvious The Outside Track know how to utilise their instruments to the best effect in much the same way that Clannad did in their early years. This strategic placement allows the band full musical scope culminating in a subtle crescendo that delivers excellent results and should (unless you’ve had your smiling gear removed) bring a warm glow to their listening public. Onto the second track and Cillian O’Dalaigh’s guitar set-up which sounds a bit like that of Extreme’s single “Words” makes no bones (well, the tune set title is titled “The Body Parts Set” after all) in showcasing the technical abilities of Fiona Black, Mairi Rankin, Norah Rendell and Allie Robertson. Personally speaking I couldn’t find a duff track here and catering as it will do for a majority of the traditional biased ‘folk’ market the band have produced an album that will sit comfortably on the shelf alongside artists the calibre of The Tannahill Weavers, Pentangle and Jock Tamson’s Bairns. Highly recommended!


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