Gren Bartley – Winter Fires

Gren Bartley Winter FiresAnother beautifully crafted album from West Country festival favourite Gren Bartley.

Based on the loose theme of Winter fires – physical and emotional landscapes before the Spring thaw, and the flames which keep us going.

The style of this album is relaxed bluegrass with a touch of country. Gren’s voice is gentle and emotive, his lyrics are subtle and poetical, For me, Gren seems at his best in his portrayals of human character and emotion. The title track is one such stand-out song. Who would be so frosty as to remain unmelted by lyrics such as, “some nights never end/but I know tonight will/because it’s too sweet here in my lady’s arms”? The portrayal of the freedom-loving, love-distaining girl in “Porcelain Hand” also shows a deep and mature understanding of the human condition.

A lovely, lovely album which will keep you warm on many a Winter’s night.

Valerie Moss

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