We’ll wind up the year with a few recently acquired videos and an old classic. This post is a bit of a mixture but we start out with SKINNY LISTER and ‘Unto The Breach’ from their album, Shanty Punk.

That’s probably shaken you out of your post-Christmas torpor so here’s something more thoughtful. ANTAMA is a new name to us and ‘You Are Loved’ appeared about three months ago but is perfect for this time of year. Antama grew up in London and absorbed so many influences from sacred traditions.

HATTIE WHITEHEAD released ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ as a Christmas single but before that came ‘I Have Often’.

We can’t post one of these collections without a track from BEANS ON TOAST. There are three tracks from his recent album, The Toothpaste And The Tube, available to choose from and this live take of ‘Hope & Glory’ is the most recent. Be warned: this is the grim reality of Britain in 2023.

From her album, Center Of The Universe, Swedish-born SOFIA TALVIK released her single ‘Oh California’ last month. There’s something of Joni Mitchell about this song.

MEAN MARY is another new name to us. Mary is a banjo-wielding Americana singer originally from Florida but now living in Nashville – where else? From her Christmas album, I’d Rather Be Merry, comes the amusing (sort of) song ‘Cardboard Box’. You’ll spot the joke very quickly.

Here’s a suitably wintry video from Australian sisters, CHARM OF FINCHES, who will be touring the UK from next May. This is ‘Atlantis’.

‘Lost In The Shuffle’ is the third single from the debut album by American singer TIFFY, Is the cassette seriously retro or ahead of the curve do you think?

Penultimately, here is a slice of rocking bluegrass with ‘Willow’ from female quintet SISTER SADIE. If you enjoy this you’ll  be pleased to know that the band have a new album released next month.

There can be only one way to end this year. You’ve heard it many, many times and so have we but we’ll never tire of it. THE POGUES and KIRSTY MacCOLL with the official video of ‘Fairytale Of New York’ and so many stories to tell about the making of it.