SKERRYVORE – Skerryvore (Tyree Records TYREE01CD)

No messing here as Skerryvore kick off with the riff based “Path To Home” featuring a mixture of Jimmy Shand meets the Tannahill Weavers. I’m pleased to say that this is folk-rock that proudly nails its Celtic banner to the mast and leaves the listener with an adrenalin rush that’s hard to shake off. Unlike say the Red Hot Chilli Pipers who go for a full blown stadium sound, Alec Dalglish (vocals/guitars/mandolin), Barry Caulfield (bass), Martin Gillespie (bagpipes/accordion), Daniel Gillespie (accordion), Craig Espie (fiddle) and Fraser West (drums/percussion) paired down approach (much like the early recordings of Runrig) still provide plenty of balls where it counts. If this album is anything to go by then everyone is in for a treat with thrusting, foot-stomping arrangements that will raise the spirits and hopefully any aging folk enthusiasts that like to be ‘entertained’ will find little to carp about. As well as the standard fare of Trad Arr, each member of the band has a hand in crafting the songs/tunes and a great fist of it they make as well. The final ‘live’ track “Home To Donegal” with its rousing anthem style chorus should ensure arm waving aplenty and broad grins all round.


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