Gjallarhorn – Sjofn

Gjallarhorn SjofnGjallarhorn’s unique mix of world music finds its roots in the Swedish folk music of Finland. It features a layered style of mythical medieval ballads, whirling minuets, prayers in runo-metric chants and Icelandic rimur epics.

There are some moments of sheer improvisation and others that are “composed” and influenced in the classic Indian style.

Twin fiddles or fiddle and viola add depth and variation and a wonderful slide-didge creates a sharmanistic pulse that underpins many of the compositions. Jews Harp is also used to produce really interesting effects and Afro-Cuban, Indian and Middle-Eastern percussion heightens the dance as the drum beats out a trance-like rhythm.

Gjallarhorn are: Jenny Wilhelms (Vocals, fiddle), Christopher Ohman (Viola, mandola, vocals, Kalimba), Tommy Mansikka-Aho (Didgeridoo, slideridoo, jews harp, udu, djembe), David Lillkvist (Percussion, Kalimba).  The Folkmaster