STEVE KNIGHTLEY – Live In Somerset (Hands On Music HMCD33)

It’s certainly to an artist’s credit when he opens a live performance by singing a traditional unaccompanied ballad “All Things Are Quite Silent” with such confidence that the audience couldn’t be anything other than impressed. But then what else would we expect from an artist the calibre of Steve Knightley? Without his usual tag-partner Phil Beer, Knightley is comfortable in the knowledge that predominantly his own song-writing, instrumental and vocal skills are all that’s required to give the listener what they want. On occasions such as “The Oakham Poachers” (hands up who remembers Steeleye’s ‘Bold Poachers?) where he is joined on some subtle dobro by Phillip Martin it is the little additions that make the arrangement more poignant. Of course, no Knightley experience would be complete without a couple of Show Of Hands standards and in this he does not disappoint by including “The Galway Farmer” and “Cousin Jack”. No mean showman, Steve finishes with a flourish on the anthemic “Now You Know” with the audience chanting as if they were at a rock concert and a fitting rapturous round of applause left ringing in his ears. Great stuff! PETE FYFE.

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