Des Horsfalls Kuschty Rye Collaborates with Pete Townshend

Des Horsfalls Kuschty Rye Collaborates with Pete Townshend

When Pete Townshend heard that roots/country rock singer / songwriter Des Horsfall was recording a trilogy of albums inspired by, and dedicated to, the memory of one of Britain’s musical greats Ronnie Lane, he simply had to be involved.

Pete insisted on writing a track dedicated to his old mate Ronnie. When Ronnie’s ex-wife and muse, Kate Lane, supplied the lyrics, the song came together quite naturally. The result is a collaboration which is a love letter from Kate to Ronnie that will move you to tears.

The voices of Des and Pete combine to bring out emotions and feelings that are so rarely expressed these days.

Des Horsfall has supported such luminaries as Joe Ely, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and many others.  Des was a protégé of the legendary Alexis Korner and in his own words “had a few skirmishes with fame”.  Late in life Des discovered and fell in love with Ronnie Lane’s post Faces project, Slim Chance.  In fact, Des became so obsessed he decided to make a trilogy of albums inspired by and dedicated to the spirit and humour of one of this country’s greatest musical mavericks.

The first album in the series was 2011’s The Good Gentleman’s Tonic which was critically acclaimed for its masterly song writing.

‘Chameleon’ is taken from the second album in the series, The Bastards Tin, and this will be the first track available as a single download.

‘Chameleon’ is available to download from all the usual sources now and the album The Bastards Tin will be released in the New Year.


‘Chameleon’ – the video: