Phil Beer Box Set Revisited

I wanted to remind you all of the fantastic body of work Phil released in 2010, which was known commonly as “Box Set 1”.

The work would suit both Beer aficionados, Show of Hands fans and anyone that has seen Phil play live. The work, as a whole, is a great reminder of the breath of Phil’s musical partnerships, as well as his diversity of material and multi-instrumental talents. As well as a few Show of Hands rarities, you are also treated to the other Phil Beer collaborations with the Arizona Smoke Revue, Arizonas, Ridgeriders and the Albion Band. The CD box set features music partnerships with a wide range of artists including: Mike Oldfield, Paul Downes, Julie Matthews, Deb Sandland, Miranda Sykes, Ashley Hutchings, Jon Moore, Simon Care, Jackie Oates, Jim Causley, Jenna and Tom Palmer.

The Box Set is made up of three CD’s and a forth disc containing 6 video clips. Here is a full breakdown:

Disc: 1 – Archive
1. The First World War – Phil Beer And School Chums
2. Jan Tregale – Oddfolk
3. Berepper Beach – Oddfolk
4. The Hunting Of Arscott Of Tetcott – Downes And Beer
5. Spanish Ladies – Downes And Beer
6. Morning Sky – Arizona Smoke Revue
7. Factory – Arizonas
8. Take Back Your Pictures – Arizonas
9. Down In Yon Forest – Phil Beer
10. Thomas’s Morris – Phil Beer
11. Set Their Mouths To Twisting – Phil Beer
12. Nameless Kind Of Hell – Phil Beer/Albions
13. Last Picture Show – Show Of Hands
14. White Tribes – Show Of Hands
15. Weathercock – Phil Beer/ Nick Henness
16. Lifeline – Phil Beer/Albions/Swan Arcade
Disc: 2 – Acoustic Live
1. Old Riley – Phil Beer
2. Robbers’ Roost – Ridgeriders
3. Blind Fiddler – Phil And Julie Matthews
4. Long Black Veil – Phil And Deb Sandland
5. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear – Phil Beer
6. Devils Right Hand – Phil Beer
7. Willin’ – Phil Beer And Miranda Sykes
8. Youngstown – Phil Beer
9. Bus Stop – Phil Beer
10. Cocaine – Phil Beer
11. Icicles – Miranda Sykes And Phil Beer
12. Exile – Phil Beer And Miranda Sykes
13. Flowers Of The Forest/The Holy Brook/When This Bloody War Is Over – Phil Beer And Miranda Sykes
14. Varso Vianna – Phil Beer
15. Warlike Lads Of Russia – Phil Beer
Disc: 3 – Acostic Studio
1. The Life Of A Fool – Phil Beer With Ashley Hutchings, Jon Moore And Simon Care
2. Lo! What A Glorious Sight Appears – Albion Band
3. Red River Valley – Phil Beer
4. Santiago – Alianza
5. The Three Knights – Phil Beer
6. Sit You Down – Phil Beer With Mike Oldfield
7. Border Song – Phil Beer
8. Blow The Man Down – Phil Beer With Jackie Oates And Jim Causley
9. Bus Stop – Phil Beer
10. Undertow – Show Of Hands With Jenna
11. The Downeaster Alexa – Phil Beer
12. Static On The Line – Tom Palmer With Phil Beer
13. Dakka Dan – Tom Palmer With Phil Beer
14. Crockery Ware – Jackie Oates With Phil Beer
15. I Wish/Ichbod – Jackie Oates With Phil Beer
Disc: 4 – Film Clips
1. The launching of the Pegasus at Bristol
2. A trip around the River Exe
3. A performance at the Minnack Theatre
4. Acadian Driftward Performance
5. Answering questions for a Longdogs web chat
6. A short film of the Band

Also available via Phil’s Website: