JIMMY LEEIf you are into a good chorus then I suggest you check out the latest release from Jimmy Lee and his band of musicians. I can imagine the gentle banter, chinking of glasses and smiles all round as everyone in ‘the session’ gets stuck in. On the opening track to me he’s hit the nail on the head with a rousing ballad based on his exploits sailing on board “The Granuaile”. It’s a lusty sing-a-long reminiscent of The Dubliners at their best and in fact pays homage to the late, great Luke Kelly the ‘banjo man’ in the song. The Spinners, The Yetties, The Fureys and yes, The Dubliners all come to mind when listening to this recording and if you don’t mind a bit of nostalgia (and I don’t mind at all) it will release that yearning when ‘folk’ music wasn’t a dirty word. Unfortunately not every track is like this and there’s a tad too much melancholia for me personally but the lyrics make interesting reading whilst you’re listening to them being sung. Take for instance “No Flowers For Geordie” which has put a whole new perspective on my performing annually at The Ganges Reunion for many years. If you come from the Hampshire/West Sussex borders several of the band members will be well known with some nice contributions from Gary Holder (double bass and tuba) and Jon Wigg’s excellent fiddle and banjo but for me personally I’d have introduced some numbers with a bit of ‘get-up-and-go’.


Artist’s website: www.edgeofchaosorchestra.co.uk