The Easy Club – The Easy Club

The Easy ClubOpening with the now familiar strains on single string note into the glorious title track this band was, in its day (1984 actually) to prove one of the most innovative and original setting the standard for what was to follow in its wake. Possibly not the first group of artists to successfully meld folk with jazz, the Easy Club did however break new ground in say much the same way as Ireland’s Bothy Band. Featuring the talents of Jim Sutherland on mandolin, cittern and percussion, the fiddle of John Martin, Jack Evans on guitar and harmonica and the astonishing vocal talents of Rod Paterson this debut album proved a veritable gold mine for the aspiring folk musician.

Of course, Sutherland’s ‘Easy Club Reel’ has become a featured track in many bands’ repertoires but it was not only in the instrumentals that the band reigned supreme. By the second track – a truly inspirational re-working of MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’ – with Paterson at the helm proved beyond doubt that here was something special.

Original Posting date – 4-June-2001
Reviewers Name – Pete Fyfe