Keeping It Live – In Lockdown

Keeping It Live
Greg Russell

We’ve had four months or so of lockdown, the build up to it and the slow move out. I’ve just checked my diary; the last gig I travelled to see was Bronwynne Brent on March 11th. I had tickets to see Ray Cooper on the 14th and I was probably going to make the trip to Hull to see Elles Bailey on the 15th. I did neither because my friends in the NHS were suggesting it wasn’t a good idea.

About the same week, the music sessions/singarounds I go to stopped suddenly and my world shrank.

Back in May, apropos something other than music, it was suggested that I should write things down because, when I looked back on Spring/Summer 2020, I would forget what it felt like. So I also started to write this piece. Then I put it aside for several weeks. This was partly because I didn’t know where it was going and partly because the world of live music was rapidly changing around us. It’s the end of July and that makes some things much more urgent. So, I’ve picked up the article again and I’ve added a few things that we’ve learned in the last six – eight weeks.

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