DAN KORN & JOE SHARP – Polaris (own label – DK002CD)

PolarisDan and Joe have worked together since 2010 on Dan’s first EP Dustbowl, a second EP Into The Warm and debut LP Of The Sea. Polaris is their first release as a duo and is an enjoyable listen with the title track setting the bar for the rest of the album.

The songs were all recorded live at Roedean Moira House Studios in Eastbourne by Frank Schulmeyer. This gives them a wonderfully raw and stripped back sound, noticeably so on the opening track ‘Running From Ghosts’. I especially enjoyed ‘Idaho’ (love the line about “I’ll bring my homemade spelt bread”) and ‘Women in Love’, which are two of the more upbeat songs.

The combination of singer /songwriter Dan with classically trained Joe works well as Dan’s singing and guitar has depth added by Joe’s vocal harmonies and subtle double bass. Joe also shows his songwriting skills with ‘For Love’ and ‘The Promise’, he also plays piano, shruti box, cajon and on the last track, acoustic guitar.

They come across as a softer version of Jacob & Drinkwater and it would be interesting to see them live and see if they have the same entertaining interaction as well as a great musical blend. I hope to check them out when they have their CD launch at The Slaughtered Lamb on 19th July.

Duncan Chappell

Artist’s website: http://www.dankornjoesharp.com/

‘Polaris’ – official video: