HANNAH WHITE AND THE NORDIC CONNECTIONS – Hannah White & The Nordic Connections (Paper Blue Records)

Hannah White And The Nordic ConnectionsHannah White And The Nordic Connections self-titled album follows up her excellent 2018 album Elephant Eye. If you’re wondering about the name, this is an Anglo-Norwegian Americana band which came together after a meet up between Hannah and the Norwegian super group The Connections in a Bergen bread factory.

There are ten tracks all recorded live in the aforementioned bread factory and Hannah’s great voice really comes to the fore. The album is a competent piece of work, but it’s a bit on the slow side and feels a bit constrained after the previous album. That said I really liked ‘Like We’ve Always Done’, ‘When You’re Not Around’ and ‘Man Without Men’.

My favourite tracks are the upbeat ‘Gotta Work Harder’ with its great guitar solo in the middle (I’m assuming by her husband Kieron Marshall) and ‘The Darkness’ with its subtle organ backing.

This album is one that grows on you and if you’re looking for an something to chill out to of an evening then this is it. It’s due for release on 5th June 2020.

I should say that Hannah is great live, my first introduction to her was at the Sound Lounge in Tooting where she opened a great night of music with her husband Kieron. She probably doesn’t remember serving me a coffee that night. The Sound Lounge is set up as community space, arts centre and live music venue and it has moved around London a few times in the past few years. I’m reliably informed the pair are in the process of setting up another one and if Hannah is performing when they have their first night, I’ll be there.

Duncan Chappell

Artist’s website: https://www.hannahwhitemusic.com

‘Gotta Work Harder’ – live in the lounge: