THE MAGIC LANTERN – To The Islands (Hectic Eclectic Records)

Magic LanternReading the PR notes there were several references to jazz, and as I’m not a jazz aficionado I didn’t think I would enjoy this CD, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Jamie Doe (aka The Magic Lantern) has a wonderfully mellow voice with a great range and sings with superb diction so you can hear the story being told. He covers topics as varied as his Dad’s Alzheimers, ‘Two Bells’ to finding his wife, ‘Re: Her’, and a myriad of other doubts, fears and hopes.

This is his third album album that includes a number of previously released singles ‘Holding Hands’, ‘Albatross’ and ‘Lydia’ and it has a very contemporary feel. It puts me in mind of Me For Queen, aka Mary Erskine, especially the use of brass and keyboards on ‘Holding Hands’ and the subtle brass on the gently rolling ‘Between The World And Me’.

This is an album to sit in a softly lit room with your favourite libation and just gently chill, letting that warm mahogany voice transport you to a comfortable safe place. Enjoy!

Duncan Chappell

Artist’s website:

‘Albatross’ – live at Abbey Road:

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