Video Wall 14

With lockdown in full force there is so much digital music out there so we thought it about time to collect some more of it together.

Let’s start with a taster for Peace, the new LEVELLERS album which is due in August. This is ‘Calling Out’.

FIONA ROSS sent us two videos of live performances with SHANE O’MARA from her new album Sunwise Turn. Here’s ‘Cam Ye O’er Frae France’.

ROLY WITHEROW is making waves at the moment with his new album, Ballads And Yarns. Here’s his video of ‘Row Bullies Row’.

In advance of her full-length album EVANGELINE GENTLE has released an EP, You And I comprising two unaccompanied songs. This is the lead track – born in Scotland and recorded in Toronto.

BEN HARPER has a new lockdown-appropriate single, ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’.

ANNIE DRESSNER releases a single, ‘Pretend’ at the end of the month and has constructed a lockdown video to go with it. It’s not exactly hi-def but needs must in these trying times.

Last, but by no means least, our good friends MERRY HELL release the first of a trilogy of singles, ‘Leave It In The Ground’.