Les Barker’s Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 5 ‘Herding Cats’

The Guide Cats for the Blind album series was produced to raise funds for a project run by the British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB). Guide Cats Volumes 1 to 4 enabled the Association to create “EyeT4All”, a programme of life changing computer workshops for blind and partially sighted people. The work doesn’t stop there. With funds from Vol. 5 ‘Herding Cats’ will empower community centres for blind and partially sighted people throughout the UK to hold “EyeT4All” workshops for themselves. Guide Cats and EyeT4All ‘Skill Share’ will transform and enrich people’s lives! These projects are increasingly important to blind people as more and more services are being made available online only.

Artists Performing the Poems of Les Barker, Poet & Professional IdiotVol 5 – Les Barker + Skuffle + Julia Hills + John Conolly + Bernard Cribbins + Nonny James + Bob Williamson + Jon Briggs + Linda Bellingham + June Tabor + James Bolam + Gaynor Faye + Mrs Ackroyd Band + Eric Allen + Toyah Willcox + John Scott Cree + Mrs Ackroyd Band + Elaine C Smith + Jeremy Irons + Tom Bliss + Sue Jameson + Alex Lester + Ken Galipeau + Cindy Kent + Norma Dixit + Michael Palin + Eileen McGann + Ann Widdecombe + John Tams with Coope Boyes and Simpson + Edward de Souza

Les Barker A Short Biography from the Age of Three Until Nearly Teatime – Les Barker writes strange poems and comes originally from Manchester, but he’s now a fluent speaking Welshman. He was an accountant before he became a professional idiot. A well known style icon Les always cuts a dash in the world of fashion where he is much respected as the leading exponent of the cardigan in all its splendour. On the poetry front and in spite of the poetry police his most famous works include The Shipping Forecast, Jason And The Arguments, Cosmo The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower, Captain Indecisive, Spot Of The Antarctic, An Infinite Number Of Occasional Tables, Stamped Addressed Antelope, Have You Got Any News Of The Iceberg, The Lemmings Reunion, The Missing Persian’s File, Will The Turtle Be Unbroken and The Lost Elephants Of Denbigh.

What Is The British Computer Association Of The Blind? BCAB is an UK organisation of visually impaired people who use information and communications technology. Their membership ranges from experienced computer professionals, to people who are beginning to explore the use of information and communications technology for leisure, study or employment. BCAB aims to promote the use of computers and technology amongst blind and partially sighted people. We actively encourage people to explore the use of computers at work, in education and at home. BCAB stays up to date with recent developments in computing and technology, identifying relevant information and resources for blind and partially sighted people.

You are invited to visit the BCAB web site https://www.tavip.org.uk/ (Reg SC023234) for further information