Dillon hits the spot by Sarah Burch – artsdepot, North Finchley

After a hectic, stressful week, it was such a panacea to chill out at Cara Dillon’s gig at the artsdepot, North Finchley on March 5th.

Cara Dillon’s exquisite voice, coupled with the superb musical accompaniment of Sam Lakeman provided an evening of sheer joy and enjoyment. The couple provided the audience with a variety of experiences – the soulful, heart-rendering Irish folk ballads;; the richness of Cara’s beautiful voice – apparently slightly marred by a “tickle” but barely imperceptible by the audience; the marvellous support and arrangements provided by Sam’s keyboard and guitar skills; and the diversity and randomness of Sam Lakeman’s facts (did you know that giraffes don’t have any vocal chords? No, nor did I!). Cara performed songs not just from her award-winning album, Hill of Thieves, but reintroduced the audience to her past work.

The artsdepot was a fabulous venue; great acoustics, good facilities and a welcoming feel. It seemed slightly incongruent – the modern space contrasted by the traditional Irish folk songs, but there was a certain charm to this incongruity. The seating was comfortable and the ambience enhanced by the soft lighting.

A great evening, top notch performers, receptive audience and welcoming venue – perfect. For more info on Cara visit

Sarah Burch

Artist Website: http://www.caradillon.co.uk/