ROSIE DOONAN – Pot Of Gold (Silvertop Records SRCD03)

Moving away from your previous audience comfort zone (in this instance the ‘folk’ music scene) can never be an easy choice for any artist to make but let’s face it, in the dog eat dog world of the music ‘industry’ occasionally these decisions have to be taken…and not lightly. Still, Rosie hasn’t forsaken her ‘roots’ entirely although from the opening track “Fall For Me” it might lead you to believe otherwise. The startling introduction with full on drum kit bashing away like an unmixed session featuring the Muppets aptly named percussionist ‘Animal’ might not be received too well in certain quarters but on the other hand, it might attract those looking for a fix of Lily Allen with a lyrical style that is…how shall we say…bloke-ish? For me though, it’s the more attractive nature of the gently pulsating (I presume) tambourine and maracas exploited on the track “Lay Your Love” and the Mexican influenced waltz song “Into The Fire” that really take pole position on what turns out to be a very satisfying album. This recording could be a case of the ‘pop’ world winning out to us sensitive ‘folkies’ but hopefully it might be seen reflectively as a take-over bid for common sense and let’s face it there’s precious little of that coming from the likes of Tinie Tempah.


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