Liz Simcock – Friday Night Train Home – Letitia (LET 004)

FridayNightTrainHomeLiz Simcock is a singer/ songwriter from the Southeast who has been performing for the last 14 or so years and Friday Night Train Home is her fourth album. The 12 songs on the album are all written by Liz and between her, Dave Ellis on guitar and Boo Howard on bass the trio also provide vocals and also play bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, bass and percussion.

Liz’s rich, dark and warm voice dominates the songs which are often written in an autobiographical style. Beautiful crafted arrangements support simple melodies but the lyrics are often far from simple covering a wide gamut of subjects from wistful looking back over time, regrets over disintegrating relationships and observations of some of life’s good things with humorous songs recalling losing an instrument on a bus and the fascination of knitting!

The sounds produced may be stripped back and delicate to enhance the vulnerable emotions expressed on tracks like ‘Blow Me Home’ and ‘By The Way’ but can then slip into a jazzy blues style in ‘The Bouzouki And The W3’ or a bouncy poppy sound for ‘Harry’s Eyes’. From the groovy bass line in ‘The Bouzouki’ to the dancing banjo in ‘To Dance Like You Do’ to the guitar riff of the opening track the musicianship demonstrated is superb.

Friday Night Train Home is a gentle, relaxing album taking you on a introspective journey through life, via subtle melodies and poetic lyrics, and transporting you for a while into a safe and comfortable place where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable for just a while.

Janet M Roe

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