JIM MALCOLM – Jim Malcolm’s Bard Hair Day (BELDVD101)

This DVD is a gentle parody on the life and times of Robert Burns as seen through the eyes of Scottish singer-songwriter Jim Malcolm. Staging this tribute to the great man in Perthshire’s Soutar Theatre was an inspired choice of venue for filming as it proves just the right setting for Jim’s lavish costume (just don’t mention the hair!) coupled with over an hour of genuine ‘entertainment’ and singing from Jim and his audience. In this year (2010) celebrating his 250th birthday Malcolm’s take on Robbie and how he views the passing years proves a highly amusing experience drawing on anecdotes about the Scottish culture (drinking, womanising etc) and more contemporary references neatly segueing the subject of whisky with “…Glenmorangie, Glenfiddach but at all costs avoid Glenn Miller…You have to be in the mood”. Perhaps we have a budding Tim Vine in our midst although, a little more controlled. Of course, for those of us that have been following Malcolm’s career (by the way have I mentioned his jig-doll skills?) over the years he stands alongside such artists as Dick Gaughan, Andy M Stewart, Rod Patterson etc and, with an established wealth of poems, songs and stories to choose from including “Ae Fond Kiss”, “Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin”, “Auld Lang Syne” (which is sung to the far better original melody) and the added bonus features of Rabbi’s Big Day Out and the obligatory Out-Takes you indeed have a well produced package.


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Artist Website: www.jimmalcolm.com

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