GEORGE WILSON – Who’s The Fool Now (Own Label)

I’ve been privileged to know many fine singers and musicians and some have become good mates. One of these happens to be George Wilson whose presence on board “HMS Warrior” in Portsmouth always brings a smile to anyone with a sense of humour. To everyone who comes into contact with this gentle giant will already know that George also has a fine Baritone voice that should be required listening and I’m pleased to report that this album of traditional and traditional-style songs delivers with a display that would put many ‘professionals’ to shame. Harking back to the good old days when I was starting out in this business we call ‘folk’ I fondly remember watching (and hearing) Johnny Collins perform a version of the opening track “Rochester Recruiting Sergeant” and it’s still as glorious today as it was then. Talking of time, finding anyone who acknowledges their liking for the Spinners is rare these days but there are pockets of us who still exist and I’m proud to see George stick up for that minority by including some of their repertoire in his set. Amongst them is the gem that is the African freedom song “Asikatli”. Multi-tracking on this highly evocative acapella number has its merits and George utilises this technique to great effect harmonising and bringing the full glory of the song vividly to life. Nelson Mandela would, I’m sure be proud! Nostalgia is gradually playing more of a role where I’m concerned these days so hearing this album has brought back many fond memories. If, like me you want to re-live some of your past or, indeed are looking for some fine singing then this recording will be just your cup of tea.


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