Cornish duo Steve Hunt and Kim Guy together with their guests – celebrated award winner Jackie Oates, Jason Steel and Gareth Young have put together this lovely traditional album which is already turning heads!  Steve is already a stalwart of the Cornish music scene and Corncrow are the resident act of Liskeard’s  Barley Folk Club. The title track opens the album and gives a flavour of what is to come,  Jackie Oates plays a beautiful mournful viola on the next track – Cruel Sister – which features Steve’s vocals and matches perfectly. 3 Instrumentals are on the album, which are all different to each other, Track 5 – Pysk PI written by Steve Hunt is a really catchy tune if rather short and I would have liked to have heard more! Sweet Nightingale Part 2 ends this truly delightful album and I am so pleased I have a copy for my collection. 7 beautiful tracks encased in a beautiful album cover – designed by Paul Dye, are a real treat for the listener. Better still go and see them live and buy the album!

Jean Camp