Australian Roots/Acoustic/Blues/Country and Western singer/songwriter Rory Ellis has a new album out – his fifth – and it is a real stunner folks!

This new album is a move away from Rory’s usual style and dare I say it – is rather up-tempo! Unusual for the singer/songwriters of today, who normally give us death, incest, murder, depression and all.

Rory assured me that when he returned to the UK from Oz this Spring, that I would like his new album, it has to be said I like his other albums and wasn’t sure of him changing tack. Well, I was bowled over.

The album kicks off with Waiting for Armaguard, lyrics are very self explanatory and a rather catchy number! Jesus Lane is all about finding Jesus in Cambridge England but not quite as it sounds! The title track Perfectly Damaged is about us getting older, not realising it and certainly not wanting it, but instead of getting older Rory prefers to be known as Perfectly Damaged – another song in the head that you cant get rid of and don’t want to. The Gravy Train is one of my favourites with its train track tempo and is all about paying someone or other through life and it doesn’t stop.

A true bloke, Rory has written a track about a car! His 65 Pontiac. The foot-tapping Skeleton Hill hasn’t gone out of my head since I heard it, and has a real message of companies not taking the residents, conservation or environment into mind when they decide to build something – usually in the wrong place.

PC Love is great and all about – guess!!! Rory’s gravel and raw vocals give this track some wellie!

Those of us who live in Devon will remember the recent cocaine bust that went wrong in Tiverton. Rotten teeth and money laundering makes an entrance in this track too! How does he do it?

Flesh and Bone ends the album and is all about Rory’s twin boys. A lovely take on two lovely looking boys who live their life on a slightly different vein.

11 tracks and nearly 37 minutes long, this album is a real treat for Rory’s die hard fans and will certainly make him some new ones. Purchase the album off Rory’s via the link below or check his gig dates near you. Catch him live as he is a fantastic performer and a nice guy too.

Jean Camp

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