Water Pageant – debut album

Water Pageant
Photograph by IW Photographic

Water Pageant are really excited to announce their Spring tour of southern England to celebrate the launch of their debut album, Outlines, on 29th April.

Having previously played and toured with Ralfe Band, songwriter Nick Tingay formed Water Pageant during the dying embers of 2012 when he was visited upon by a Shamanistic courier who suggested it might be time.  He has since closeted himself away and devoted time to his own musical creatures and endeavours the crystallisation of which forms this new collection of songs: Outlines.

The twelve songs were predominantly recorded at home in Oxford over the last 3 to 4 years and the album was self-produced, mixed and mastered in studios in and around Oxford & London throughout summer 2015.  They have since been picked up by Radio 3’s Late Junction6 Music and BBC Introducing Oxford are due to officially release this, their debut in May 2016, no doubt followed by some intensive group therapy.

“…the most fascinating folk album to be produced in a while” Americana UK

Artists’ website: http://waterpageant.co.uk/

‘Overlaps’ – official video: