New Manx trio Barrule release fundraising download from new album to help devastated Isle of Man farming community

BarruleNew Manx trio Barrule have today released a download single of a song from their forthcoming debut album — to raise funds to help Isle of Man farmers reported to be facing “catastrophic” livestock losses in the island’s heaviest snowfall since 1963.

Jamie Smith, Adam Rhodes and Tomas Callister opted to release their version of the traditional 18th century Manx ballad ‘Ny Kirree of Niaghtey’ (The Sheep Under the Snow) free of charge but with the option of making a donation towards the Isle of Man Agricultural Benevolent Trust.

The narrative song, describing an incident very like that currently affecting Manx farmers, was recorded for on the band’s eponymous debut album, which is due to be released in the UK on May 20 featuring Manx Gaelic vocals by Greg Joughin.

“The Sheep Under The Snow”

“Oh get up shepherds and to the hill go ye For the sheep deep as ever are under the snow”

Says Jamie Smith (also front man of Mabon): “People can donate whatever amount they choose and all proceeds will go to the Trust.”  In addition the trio will also be donating 25% of CD sales made between Monday 25th March and Friday 12th April.

Graham Crowe, Chairman of the IOM Agricultural Benevolent Trust said: “I would like to wish Barrule all the very best with their new album, and we are delighted that its launch is also being used to raise some funds for the Trust at a time like this.”

With the worse possible timing at lambing season, BBC News has reported that thousands of sheep and cattle have yet to be found in the worst snowdrifts on the Isle of Man since the Sixties – with the most affected areas on the west side of the island.

Farmers across the UK have also been hit especially in Wales, Cumbria, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For more information and to donate to the cause visit