TOM MORIARTY – new single: ‘Me And The Sun’

Tom MoriartyLondon singer songwriter Tom Moriarty has released a new single, ‘Me And The Sun’ as a prelude to his new album, The Road. The album has been delayed while Tom recovered from concussion following a fall.

“It’s just one of those things”, says Tom, recalling the accident, “but I hit my head pretty hard, the concussion lasted for months.  It’s a better now.  There was a time where I got confused between Jeremy Paxman and Jeremy Clarkson, how messed up do you have to be for that to happen?”

It’s OK to make jokes about it now but it was career-threatening. “It has been the biggest battle of my life and there were times where I wondered if I would ever play again.  How can you perform if you can’t remember the words?  How can you write lyrics if you can’t think and wonder?  I tell myself it will be an interesting chapter in an autobiography but I don’t know how much I will remember or how much I will want to remember.  Time warps when you’re in that kind of state.  It has been months but it feels like weeks since it happened.    I did do some writing and recorded a few ideas.  I have no memory of them now – just as well I recorded them at the time.”

tom moriarty_me and the sun_single 2‘Me And The Sun’ is an original but simple idea. Essentially it’s a dialogue between the writer and the Sun over a desert landscape. Tom doesn’t need to specify the location; we all know what he means. It’s built on a guitar figure and expands into a full sound that remains simple with bass and piano providing a drone and minimal hand percussion adding highlights.

”You find things to inspire you and one thing was the image of me being back on stage again playing at the launch of the next album.  I still don’t know when that’s gonna happen, but it will happen.  Getting through this has been a difficult part of the journey but I look forward to doing that gig.

”When I was writing “Me and the Sun” it started with that opening guitar part and the image in my head of me sitting in the desert talking with the sun.  So it was the sun and I, and we’re just talking about stuff, about war, about what we do and what we do to the planet, hence lyrics like “peace is fragile like the ocean that we dance upon.”   It’s interesting that I pictured us in the desert considering what’s going on now in the Middle East but that’s the place I went to.  There’s a lot of war and anger about.”

‘Me And The Sun’ is available to buy on iTunes.

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