RYAN HAMILTON & THE HARLEQUIN GHOSTS – Nowhere To Go But Everywhere (Wicked Cool)

Nowhere To Go But EverywhereAmong the many videos we received this summer was one to accompany ‘Jesus & John Lennon’, the third song from Nowhere To Go But Everywhere. The film was OK and the song was intriguing but there was always the suspicion that it could just be the best song on the album. Not so but it’s pretty close.

Ryan is American from Fort Worth and The Harlequin Ghosts (Mickey Richards, Rob Lane with Carol Hodge and Dave Winkler rounding out the touring band) are British. Ryan has been around for while, previously leading The Traitors and Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is this band’s second album. They don’t say much about themselves so you’ll have to rely on my opinion here.

What do they sound like? Imagine what would have happened if Tom Petty had joined The Monkees. On the one hand you have that happy 50s/60s vibe as Ryan sings ‘Only A Dream’ and ‘Oh No’ which features Kay Hanley and may just be the best song on the album as Ryan runs though his musical heroes – The Beatles, Prince and Tom Waits amongst them. ”Don’t change my rock’n’roll” indeed! On the other hand, he’s funkier than The Monkees could ever be. ‘Jesus & John Lennon’ is reminiscent of the quiet bits of ‘Free Falling’ – “She goes to church on Sunday morning/To cleanse her soul of Saturday night” – ‘Can I Get An Amen’ is where the sound gets heavy and you can hear that Heartbreakers’ sound all around.

The British influence creeps in with ‘Newcastle Charm’ but what does ‘Southern Accents’ make you think of? Despite its title, ‘We Gave It Hell’ is a delightfully romantic description of the aftermath of a breakup and another contender for the best song on the album with the closing ‘Pick Yourself Up’ as its musical partner.

I happily lost myself in Nowhere To Go But Everywhere for an afternoon and if we ever get road trips back it will be in the car.

Dai Jeffries

Artists’ website: www.ryanhamiltonmusic.com

‘Oh No’ – official video: