Video Wall 23

The world seems to be emerging from the gloom of winter and music is happening all around so here are a few selections from our post-bag.

To begin, here’s LANDON LLOYD MILLER with ‘Bluebonnet’ from his recent album,  Light Shines Through.

Like so many, Northern Irish band PORTS have been away for a while but now they are back with a beautiful single, ‘Swimming Pool’.

‘Ramon’ is the title track from the forthcoming album by CALEB NICHOLS. Caleb is from California and now studying in Bangor, Wales. He has absolutely no connection to Westworld.

THE BEAR AND THE BISON wrote ‘She’s Cold’ about moving from Los Angeles to Buffalo in the middle of winter. Not a great idea but a really nice song.

We’re not sure where TV PRIEST fit into the musical space-time continuum but ‘One Easy Thing’ is a fascinating song with an even more fascinating video.

We have a rule that every Video Wall must include a track from BEANS ON TOAST. Fortunately Beans is a prolific guy so here’s ‘Swimming In It’, his latest offering. It’s about a load of shit.

MIKE STEVENS‘ new video ‘Livin’ In Sarnia’ starts off a bit weird but stick with it – you’ll find it pays dividends.

Some more blues from JACK BROADBENT and the title track from his new album, Ride.