Video Wall 24

We seem to have accumulated a number of videos in recent months so this seems like a good lime to present the best of them.

We’ll begin with ‘The Pit Wall’ a fine song from THE TEESSIDE FETTLERS.

‘Soul Of Albion’ is the title track from the new album by MAN THE LIFEBOATS. This video was put together from sequences filmed in the studio during the recording process. It’s a remarkable song.

‘The Road’ is taken from the album How Did We Get Here? by LIZZIE HARDINGHAM. It’s a powerful song from an important album.

‘Walk In The Dark’ comes from the album Meet Me At The Gloaming by A.O. GERBER.

BEAUX GRIS GRIS AND THE APOCALYPSE released their single and video, ‘Watching The World Fall Down’, a couple of weeks ago.

‘Walk You To Heaven’ from the album Crazy Town was released by BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN in September. It’s a gorgeous song.

We reviewed Palomar Parade by Australian band SONS OF THE EAST a while ago. Now we have a video for another featured track, ‘Another Night’.

‘Natural Disaster’ is a recent track by the remarkable performer that is LAURA MULCAHY. We told you about it in September’s Singles Bar.

A bit of country now. This is ‘Flowers’ from the album Carving Canyons by Midwestern singer-songwriter LISSIE.

‘Dust’ comes from the debut EP, Moon Child, by Minnesotan singer-songwriter, KELLEY SMITH.

The fourth solo album by ROSIE BROWN is released this month. The first single from it is ‘Black Dog’.

St Peter’s Thumb is the first solo album by Hatful Of Rain’s PHIL JONES. ‘New Homes’ is the hard-hitting first single taken from it.

LOUIS COUPE meditates on old age in ‘Where Did The Time Go?’. Nice.