Den Miller announces his new album

Den Miller

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Den Miller is pleased to announce that, after a long delay due to Covid-19, he will be releasing his new album Join All The Dots on Saturday 26 June 2021. The album features Den’s trademark “Strong melodies and intelligent lyrics”, as he shares his quirky outlook on modern life’s issues and challenges, including relationships, parenting, war and terrorism. Den shares an unusual viewpoint that entertains and is thought-provoking, to make connections between situations and events that seem to be unconnected, to bring a fresh perspective, and to Join All The Dots.

Join All The Dots features eleven tracks, all composed and performed by Den.

Den recorded most of Join All The Dots, apart from the piano, at Corner House Studio in West Yorkshire with sound engineer Kurt Wood (also a singer with Foxes Faux and involved in numerous other music projects). For the piano tracks Kurt moved his recording equipment to Den’s home, to record Den’s own piano and achieve the sound that he had been imagining.

As for his previous albums, the cover artwork was produced by Den’s sister, Frances Miller. Once the title of the album had been decided as Join All The Dots, then Den and Frances began seeing images in circles and dots everywhere around them. Many of the elements of the cover design have connections to the song lyrics or a personal connection to Den.

To celebrate the album release, Den Miller will be performing a launch gig on 26 June 2021 at Exchange Arts in Keighley, with support from Leeds singer-songwriter Phil Cockerham, folk legends Lynda Hardcastle and Alan Rose, and acoustic duo Strid.

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