Joe Boyd’s A-Z

Joe Boyd's A-Z

If you have been receiving the newsletters about my podcast lately, apologies for sending yet another one…. but – perhaps due to my over-use of exclamation marks – many seem to have ended up in Spam folders.

The gist of the last few have been to inform you all that I have started a weekly Podcast called Joe Boyd’s A-Z. It is already up through Letter H – about 10 minutes of music and chat each week as I troll in alphabetical order (by title) through my collection. Sometimes whim or chance leads me to sessions I produced, sometimes to beloved artists I grew up listening to, sometimes to curious tales of how those recordings came to be. I can promise each episode will include snatches of great music and good stories.

If you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy making them, tell your friends, spread the word. And if you have already subscribed and like having my dulcet tones in your ear, my own reading of White Bicycles: Making Music In The 1960s is available from the usual sources.

And I promise future newsletters will revert to a less promotional tone in future.

All the best,