Prince opens his UK tour dates with a cover of Jo Hamilton’s ‘Liathach’.

jo-hamilton_dan-burwoodBack in January 2013 several mysterious comments started cropping up on the video to Liathach saying ‘3rdEyeGirl sent me here’.

Four months later we’ve just discovered that Prince and his brand new all-girl backing band 3rd Eye Girl who have just launched their first US/Canada tour together to sold out venues – are performing an instrumental cover of Liathach with Prince on piano.  After a day of disbelief Jo has now accepted that this is actually true… and is extremely honoured and thrilled that the song from her latest album “Gown” is seeing a new audience in the hands of such a master musician.

Wind things on to 2014 and the intimate gigs Prince is playing around the UK and to Jo’s immense pride, Prince has been opening his UK shows with the same track.

You can see the video to Jo Hamilton’s original version below…