JEZ LOWE – Folksong Club, Croydon 08.02.10

Jez Lowe

To fans of folk music everywhere the name Jez Lowe is enough to conjure images of a great night out. As well as his finely crafted songs he is a consummate professional when it comes to musicianship and entertainment. His confidence motivates the audience to join in the songs…even if they haven’t heard them before…with an extensive repertoire running the gamut of high drama to the highly amusing. He has you hanging on every word of his lilting North East brogue and enjoying every minute which is a rare gift indeed and one that the ‘folk’ scene should be proud to acknowledge. In a performance that whistled by Jez managed to delve into his ‘hit factory’ including “London Danny”, “Old Bones”, “The Bergen” and “High Part Of The Town” but, as always he also integrated several new additions. Written as part of the ‘Darwin Project’ the outlaw style “We’ll Hunt Him Down” with the groan worthy tagline “He’ll not make a monkey out of me” and the infectious “It’s A Champion Life” inspired by the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” brought peals of laughter from the enraptured throng. For me though it was his final song, “Darling’s Other Daughter” an account of Grace Darling as seen through the eyes of her sister that will remain embedded in my thoughts. In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never been disappointed with either a ‘live’ performance or a song from his seemingly endless creativeness. Do yourselves a favour and check out Jez’s website below to find out if he’s playing at a venue near you or to purchase copies of his CDs and DVDs.


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