GEORGE BOOMSMA – The Promise Of Spring

The Promise Of SpringThis recently released album from George Boomsma – The Promise Of Spring – is an absolutely delightful album which seems to be living permanently in my car sound system!  At first listen I was hooked.  George uses his talents of singer/songwriter/musicianship to the full with his beautifully written songs about grief for a particular family member – his brother Tom.

George has a haunting sweet voice that rises and falls to a crafted acoustic rhythm although a full band features on this album as well. Ally McDougal on drums, Will Looms and Jack Gillen on electric guitars plus Harry Fausing Smith on strings and string arrangements. The CD has snippets of family recordings fusing the tracks together which adds to the reflections.

The Promise of Spring holds eight glorious tracks to hold the listener enthralled and starting off with the mystical ethereal ‘Fallen’ that brings in electric guitar and the local smooth vocals of George introducing his loss.  Title track, ‘The Promise Of Spring,’ is more acoustic and tells of realising that grief will take time and only time can heal. ‘Lily of The Nile’ tells of the up and down days that grief carries you though, of the feelings of being lost.

‘2 + 30’ – a punchy full band track followed by ‘Cashmere Grey’ which is different mode of acoustic being almost 70’s/80’s style. The rather rocky ‘Johnny Walker Guy’ is full band on steroids but not as happy as includes lyrics such as “all the doctors and all the nurses, the boy had them charmed”.  ‘Passing the Silence’ is a downbeat, sad kind of track with haunting piano outro.

‘Open Curtain’ ends this fine album with a momentous crashing of full band, leaving the listener on a high and frankly wanting more which is why the album is still in my player since I received my copy.

You can buy The Promise Of Spring through streaming platforms, CD and Limited Edition coloured vinyl.

George has appeared at some prestigious festivals in the UK, namely Cambridge Folk Festival, Moseley Folk Festival and Port Fair Folk Festival in Australia.  George has supported Richard Thompson, Katherine Priddy and Scott Matthews and in 2022 he was asked to be part of the English Folk Expo Mentorship Scheme, providing insight and experience to up and coming musicians.

Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2, Cerys Matthews and Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 and Cally Calloman of the Nick Drake Estate have all expressed their delight in hearing George’s music.

You can buy your music and see where George is touring next on his website.

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