THE BREWER’S DAUGHTER – Make Believe (own label)

Make BelieveYou know that rare moment when you hear something for the first time and it rocks you back on your heels. That. That’s what I got when I picked a song at random from The Brewer’s Daughter’s press pack. The Brewer’s Daughter is Rhiannon Crutchley, she lives on a narrow boat, plays fiddle and guitar, sings and writes songs and Make Believe is her first album. And, yes, her father is a brewer at the Albion Brewery in Northampton. Rhiannon is of mixed English, Irish and Ukrainian descent which may account for a vocal range that starts somewhere in her boots. Her voice might be described as “unpolished”; it’s rugged and authentic with a bit of the young Billy Bragg about it and that’s what I like about The Brewer’s Daughter.

The record is topped and tailed by two short fiddle pieces and the first song is Dave Sudbury’s ‘The King Of Rome’ brought to wider attention by June Tabor. Much as I like Ms Tabor’s version, she couldn’t convince you that she knew much about the rough end of anywhere. Rhiannon can do that and make you believe that she understands the importance of that pigeon. This song is the album’s production number in that it features Fraggle from Back To The Planet on second guitar with Rhiannon’s guitar and fiddle double-tracked.

‘The King Of Rome’ sets the scene for a bunch of The Brewer’s Daughter’s own songs beginning with ‘Gypsy Skies’, an ode to freedom – “I don’t need a thing but I’ve got everything”. ‘Green, Green Grass’ approximates a blues format with a hint of country fiddle and reinforces her thoughts on the freedom of the open country. ‘All My Friends’ – yeah, I’m still trying to figure this one out. The album winds up with ‘Go, Lassie, Go’ or whatever you prefer to call it, and an a capella ‘Fiddler’s Green’ both miss-credited as traditional, which is about the only thing that I can find to criticise here.

I’d like to say that The Brewer’s Daughter has a great future ahead of her but I fear that she’s far too honest for the market as it stands. If you understand what Lucy Ward and Ellie Osborne are about you’ll love this.

Dai Jeffries

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The Brewer’s Daughter announces debut album

The Brewer's Daughter

Rhiannon Crutchley, aka The Brewer’s Daughter is from Northampton, with English, Irish and Ukrainian heritage. Rhiannon has played fiddle for 20 years. She is a collector of traditional folk music from Britain, Ireland and Eastern Europe.

Whilst playing fiddle with Tarantism (Britain’s most hard-working, long-running festival band) she also performs solo as The Brewer’s Daughter at festivals, gigs and folk-clubs throughout the UK.

The Brewer’s Daughter works with her father producing Hoggleys and Phipps NBC in Northampton’s historic Albion Brewery building. She lives on a narrowboat named ‘Make Believe’, pulling in the ropes and chugging slowly around the inland waterways.

The album Make Believe was conceived and produced on a narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal, in the Albion Brewery in Northampton and in a barn in rural Hertfordshire.

Recorded by Sam Dfl from the band AOS3, with a guest appearance by Fraggle from Back to the Planet on guitar, Make Believe is a mixture of traditional folk tunes and original compositions, of lyric-driven songs and instrumentals, all linked by old-time sentiment.

The Brewer’s Daughter launches the album ‘Make Believe’ on the 19th June at The Albion Brewery Bar, 54 Kingswell Street, Northampton. The support acts are Fleetwood Cave and Dog Sick Seven. The album will be available for digital download on iTunes, Bandcamp and all major online distributors as of Sunday 19th June 2016. Hard copies of the CD will be available at gigs and through mail order.

Artist’s website: