EMILY LOCKETT – My Imagination (own label)

My ImaginationEmily Lockett calls My Imagination an EP, I call it an album. Her reasoning is that is consists of five new songs fleshed out with reworkings of previously released tracks. Mine is that, is that it contains nine tracks that I haven’t heard before and that makes it an album.

Emily is from Stoke-on-Trent and is currently studying in Manchester. Her first EP was Reflections Of Me and that’s about all the information I’ve been able to gather other than the fact that country music scene has embraced her. I find that a bit odd because her sound is very big and more pop than country. She has a powerful voice, particularly for one so young, and my guess is that she’ll find her fortune in the mainstream. This isn’t the sort of music I usually go for but on listening to a couple of tracks something grabbed me. Sadly I have no information about the backing musicians and although I can accept Emily playing guitar and piano and even drums, I don’t believe she is capable of everything here – there is some particularly tasty lead guitar. If Emily plays that, I’m impressed.

The opening track is ‘Strangers Again’, which I guess is a single as the album ends with a radio edit of the same track, but my favourite is ‘Nice Eyes’ which is clever and deceptively simple. ‘Feel Love’ is another winner and, of the reworked tracks, ‘My Memory’ grabs the attention.

For a second recording, My Imagination is an impressive piece of work and it’s clear that Emily Lockett is a major talent in waiting.

Dai Jeffries

Artist’s website: https://www.emilylockett.co.uk/

‘Nice Eyes’ – live: