LUNASA – The Merry Sisters Of Fate

LUNASA The Merry Sisters Of FateA nice opening set-up from Donogh Hennessy’s driving rhythmic guitar settles comfortably in to the jig ‘Aoibhneas Eilis Ni Cheallaigh’ with Kevin Crawford’s flute and Sean Smyth’s fiddle taking up the lead lines.

The rather nifty segue from the second tune ‘Jimmy Ward’s’ into the closing ‘Not Safe with A Razor’ is a typical demonstration of the band’s main strength, that of the art of arrangement. Many of today’s aspiring Celtic musicians could take note for a well-structured arrangement is pivotal in keeping the audience’s attention.

Adding colour are Cillian Valleley’s pipes and underpinning it all is Trevor Huthinson’s double bass. The addition of Hennessy’s electric guitar adds warmth on ‘The Kilarney Boys of Pleasure’.

All of the tunes on this 11 set album go with a swing and the self-assured way in which they are put across leaves you in no doubt that Irish music is in safe hands and continuing to break the boundaries of musical prejudice.

Pete Fyfe

Originally posted – 17-May-2001