Andy Guttridge – Amongst Friends

Andy Guttridge “Amongst Friends” is a fine recording based on light soothing melodies with good guitar and vocal accompaniment sometimes reaching moments of purism.

There is a notable contribution in particular from Ric Sanders playing Zeta Viocello on “I call it Love” and violin on “The Storm” and “Black Shepherd”. The latter two are both powerful anti-whaling songs that chart man’s collision course with his natural world and in this case the “few” that are hell-bent on destroying the last remaining “lords of the deep”.

Andy is amongst some of the best musical friends he could hope to have who have all contributed enormously to the overall ambience of the album. They include, Kevin Dempsey, Chris Leslie, Tom Leary, Jim Bennion, Martin Green, Mark Lee, Neil Clarke and Matt Le Mare to name a few.

Darren Beech